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World Sleep Day: ‘Sleep’ - The Underpaid Worker

Author: Gud Sleepz Team

World Sleep Day: ‘Sleep’ - The Underpaid Worker

World Sleep Day: ‘Sleep’ - The Underpaid Worker

Well-tended Garden is better than a neglected wood lot” - Dixie Lee Ray

First of all, let me remind you that I’m not going to talk about meditation or sleep hygiene to give you a one cure for all sleep issues. I’m just trying to speak my mind out on ‘neglect’. The convinient path we undertake to pay for everything with our sleep. I understand, you are young and you can always catch up on sleep when you get older. But let me assure you, how would you know that? Does science back it up? Does experiments on sleep say, underpaying sleep would lead to a long, happy, wealthy life? 

Definitely not! 

I’m going to argue on something that pop culture is promoting these days for efficient living. Sometimes, we may overlook these trends and it can creep inside like a mind-eating worm. That is, ‘Hustling’. As we read and understand that a good productive life require discipline and respect that you give for your body and mind. We humans are not meant to thrive in deprived environments. We thrive in environments where we feel well rested, well-nourished and more supported. 

So here I am, trying to nudge you a bit to be more mindful of your sleep.

What is the one thing that keep you up at night? Thoughts? Fear of the future? Health issues? Anxiety? It can be anything, but at the core, it depends on how you let that be in your life. Most of us aren’t aware that ‘thoughts are everything’. The way you form beliefs about things and the way you handle these beliefs would decide how you would behave in an ideal situation. So let me give few take away on this day. 

1. Do not be blinded by trends and popular advices rather trust science-backed evidence endorsed by professional organisations.
2. Always start with you and those that is working out for you. You need not fit the norm or be able to do what everyone else does for their sleep.
3. Express rather than suppress. It’s always better to let it come up than trying to avoid it under the rug.
4. Make sure to seek professional help whenever you feel distressed despite all efforts.
5. And take it slow. Be more mindful in your journey.

I hope you would be a bit more nice to you and your sleep on this ‘World Sleep Day’ - Good night!

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