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What Happens to a Women’s Body after Childbirth?

Author: Gud Sleepz Team

What Happens to a Women’s Body after Childbirth?

What Happens to a Women’s Body after Childbirth?

The act in which your eyes are closed but you hear everything your kids are getting into” - Anonymous

Imagine being in a job environment where you are asked to be available for 24 hours without question and you need to be vigilant at all times as you have a risky job. And this goes on for months and sometimes years. What would you do? Run away! Right? If you keep up even for a day, the next day you would be ‘burnt out’ or ‘sick’. But this is the life of mothers with an infant or a toddler. There is no sleep, no break and no life outside of taking care of their child. This is why, it is utmost important to discuss ways to keep these moms well-rested and healthy. 

While it seems like an impossible task, there are ways to manage the immense stress that comes with taking care of your child. And it’s okay to call your duties stressful, there is nothing to feel guilty for. It’s natural to feel out of place, not understood and alone in this journey but we are here to help you not feel that way as much as possible. Remember you are a human and you can stretch only as much as you can and rest of the times, whine, cry and complain and please don’t feel guilty or as a bad mom. 

Let’s start by understanding what happens in a women’s body after she is given birth and understand the normal psychological reactions to such changes so you would know, you are not alone. Postpartum isn’t a walk in the park, let me tell you why? 

Physical Changes: 

There are quiet a lot of physical changes but I would just state a few important ones for our discussion. 

Heavy Periods:

Soon after the mother gives birth, the uterus pushes all the blood out and that can be a really wreaking experience. As they miss almost a series of periods, the body goes through an immense depletion of blood, followed by exhaustion, pain and this continues for a couple of weeks. 


Even after the periods settles down, the uterus goes through changes as it has to go back to its original state. During this period, the uterus shrinks which would lead to abdominal cramps and can be a painful experience. 


Most women experience constipation soon after giving birth and many would need stool softeners until their constipation settles. 

Bodypain and Headaches: 

Due to the sudden drop of the hormone estrogen after childbirth can lead to severe body pain and headaches which would take weeks to settle down and some mothers would need medical assistance to manage these symptoms. 

Night Sweats: 

Night sweats are also a common symptom among women who recently delivered a child due to the declining estrogen. 

Apart from these, there are hair loss, weight gain, pelvic floor issues and vaginal soreness to state a few. These can be physically exhausting in addition to the added responsibility of taking care of a newborn or toddler. 

Emotional Changes: 

Now comes the unseen enemy that makes you feel depressed, confused and overall low. You know how emotional pain can be tricky to handle and sometimes we might end up blaming ourself without understanding that its’ all part of the changes in a women’s body after giving birth. 

Baby Blues: 

Let me put it out, ‘baby blues are real’. Due to the dipping estrogen and progesterone, there is a dip in overall mood and increased irritability. This can sometimes be serious and under medical terms called as ‘Postpartum depression’. During moments of increased irritability and decreased ability to do day to day activities, it is advisable to get professional help. 

Stress and Anxiety 

You may have known any new experience comes with stress and uncertainty which may further lead to anxiety. And with increased changes physically, emotionally and socially can be wreaking and needs professional assistance in times of need. 

Guilt and Self-blame:

While social framework has set forth expectations of a good mother and bad mother which might sometimes get into our heads. Because of the overwhelming stress, it can be difficult to think rationally. It’s important to know that, struggling or stressing about taking care of new responsibilities as a mother wouldn’t be considered as a ‘bad mother’ and that you need not be ‘perfect’ because such things doesn’t exist. As mothers, you find your own path of finding your own definition of ‘motherhood’. 


The most important of all and the most cruelest is the ‘no sleep’ state partially due to the changing hormones and partially due to the need of taking care of a newborn. This is the most stressful part for mothers as they are chronically tired, irritable, moody and completely given up on themselves. This is where they need curated professional coaching to find their own ways to combat sleep issues. 

So, I believe that, I could give voice to the struggles of mothers as much as I can and I know this alone wouldn’t summarise what a mother goes through. I hope you take care of yourself as a new mom and always remember to be compassionate towards yourself too. 

Show love to yourself, take care!

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