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Two sides of a Coin: Are you Fit or Healthy?

Author: Gud Sleepz Team

Two sides of a Coin: Are you Fit or Healthy?

Two sides of a Coin: Are you Fit or Healthy?

Your body is a temple and you have to treat it that way. That’s how God designed it - Ray Lewis 

On this World Health Day, we would want to bring awareness on a blurry boundary we all have been allowing. That is, giving into the perceived conception that fit is healthy. I know, you all are wondering, why would being fit would not be considered healthy when you are running everyday or lifting weights in the gym or taking good diet. I’m sorry to tell you that, being fit not necessarily lead to a healthy long life. Why? Let’s get into the details. 

You might have come across a trend recently in news articles stating that, many young people who are fit are suffering sudden heart attacks or mild stroke. If you haven’t then, let me reemphasis on the number of young individuals which is 25% of the overall population stated in a recent Times of India article.

This is an alarming epidemic which most of us are unaware of. Do you know the major reason for this growing trend? ‘Poor Sleep’

Yes, many of us are willing to compromise on sleep to achieve more and get more out of life but without realising the impact it has on the long run. Nithin Kamath, CEO of Zerodha who recently suffered a ‘mild stroke’ later stated that, he was compromising on sleep because ‘sleeping less and working more is glorified’. So, what is happening that is leading to this epidemic? 

Media Exposure! We see many and many young people relying on social media and other influencers for primary source of information. This has lead to a belief that ‘majority must be right’. You may see them posting their ripped image in social media and sharing their dietary or exercise routine but we need to discern to think if health is just about eating or exercising or something more.


So, what is health? WHO defines health as, the state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absense of disease. It basically means, an good approach to healthy lifestyle is to have a holistic health approach. Speaking on the lines of compromising sleep these days, we all have been finding ourselves just focusing on one single factor of health. How do we balance them?

Listen to your body: 

Our body works in such a way that it can monitor itself and are able to take care of it needs by cues. We all have been disregarding these cues which has lead to numerous health issues. The most important aspect is to listen to your bodily needs and respond. For eg. If you feel extremely sleepy or fatigued, it’s important to sleep and revitalise. 

Make Sleep your Priority:

As we know, sleep is the foundation of all and anything you do physically or mentally requires rest to reap its benefits. So, always remember to balance your life and routine with getting enough sleep. 

Discern Media Influence: 

Despite so many information and distractions available on the internet, you need to discern to understand, hustling and compromising on sleep to look better or achieve more won’t take you far. You are running a marathon, not a sprint. So pace yourself well with sleep. 

On a final note, I would want to remind you all, you are here to live a fulfilling happy life enriching each experience and to fully be able to feel it. You do not want to do that in a grumpy mood and low energy, so recharge, sleep, discern and repeat. 

Wishing you a very prosperous health from Gud Sleepz. 

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