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Sounds and Sleep: The Science of ASMR Sounds

Author: Gud Sleepz Team

Sounds and Sleep: The Science of ASMR Sounds

Sounds and Sleep: The Science of ASMR Sounds

“Sound is the vocabulary of nature” - Pierre Schaeffer

We all like the sounds of the nature, the chirping birds, gushing waters and the drops of rain falling on the ground. It is healing, magical and most of all divine. Because of its healing properties, researchers have extensively studied and understood the effects it creates on our body, mind and brain. ASMR is one such sounds which has been extensively studied by the scientific community, to be able to curate a sleep solution for people with sleep issues and who struggle with anxious thoughts during sleep. Let’s understand more about ASMR sounds.


ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response which you might have come across in youtube videos and shorts. If you haven’t, check it out. Basically, ASMR would create a sensory phenomenon in which individuals are able to feel a tingling sensation across their scalp, into the back of their neck and to other areas of the body depending on the sound sensation. This has been thoroughly researched to understand the brain activation and was found to be true as it is apparently activates areas of the brain responsible for focus and positive emotions.


People who were asked to hear the ASMR sounds before bed reported having increased sleep quality, overall sleep time and the improved sleep onset. This was reported in different studies with different population and age group. This brings us to the understanding that, we can safely use ASMR sounds to sleep better. 

The reason ASMR tends to help people relax and focus more on the present moment is also because of the forceful mindfulness these sounds create and exert on an individual. These ASMR sounds are quiet normal and unique to our brains and the corresponding activation also indicates that, it puts us in a state of hyper focus and we associate these sounds with relaxation. Overall, this is a positive breakthrough for people looking for sleep sounds to help them sleep well at night. 

You can purchase the white noise machine which has the ASMR sounds which you can play at night keeping at your bedside. On a side note, avoid watching ASMR videos as it can be arousing due to the presence of screen light and always prefer for the audio. The research understanding the effectiveness of ASMR video/audio vs audio alone found no difference between both the conditions. Just audio alone were able to induce focus and relaxation. So, always prefer audio due to the downside of screenlight’s effect on your sleep. 


How can you incorporate White Noise ASMR? 

  1. Follow your regular sleep hygiene routine

  2. Avoid arousing content before sleep

  3. Avoid screen time before sleep

  4. Finish your bed time routine

  5. Play the White noise machine, Buy Now

  6. Sleep peacefully 

Have a Good night’s Sleep! 

Please Book a Session with sleep coach to know more about your sleep.


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