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Navigating the Sweet Spot: How much Sleep do you really need?

Author: Gud Sleepz Team

Navigating the Sweet Spot: How much Sleep do you really need?

Navigating the Sweet Spot: How much Sleep do you really need?

“When the going gets tough, the tough takes a nap” - Tom Hodgkinson

We all want to get the right amount of sleep. The right amount as per the statistics and evidence reported by the sleep researchers. But do you know this ‘number chasing’ is actually harmful for you and your sleep? Let me give you an example. Say you are participating in a lemon and spoon competition, if you look at the others, what happens, you start to panic and may lose or would end up chasing which will make you drop your lemon. In the same way, when you are given some numbers and told that it’s good enough only when you achieve this numbers. You keep stressing about falling short and the result is anxiously clock watching the whole night. Right?

So what can we do find your own sweet spot of sleep? You need to start a journey with yourself finding yourself and building on things that is working out for you. 

Befriend you: If you always end up blaming and criticizing yourself for every small matters or lack thereof, how can you be your own master. You would only end up seeing a negative version of yourself. So, make amends with yourself and accept who you are completely. 

Understand your Needs: How much sleep you need depends on your work, lifestyle and other factors that is specific to your life. You might be an athlete, so you may need time to rest your muscles and rejuvenate. Or you can be a new mother where you need to make use of every time you get for yourself to compensate for lost sleep. 

Prioritise Sleep: The sole problem with today’s world is chasing everything else except your health. We make compromises on our health and our wellbeing which can be fatal for us. So, make a conscious decision to make sleep your priority. 

Remember Science also Exists: Now let’s talk about evidence and numbers but with a caution that’s it’s just for us to know and need not be taken at face value. It’s recommended that atleast a 5.5 hours of sleep at night can help you function during the day well-enough making the sleep cycle complete to a certain extent. And you can find your sweet spot somewhere more or less between a 5 to 9 hours. 

Sleep Disturbance isn’t incurable: Understand sleep issues are treatable and sometimes it could be just a phase and other times you may need a bit of assistance from a sleep specialist and you are good to go back to your routine. 

Now you know, sweet spot isn’t a one things fits all but a more tailor made number to fit just you.

Please Book a Session with sleep coach to know more about your sleep.

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