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Sleeplessness and Stress: Strategies for Working Women

Author: Gud Sleepz Team

Sleeplessness and Stress: Strategies for Working Women

Sleeplessness and Stress: Strategies for Working Women

“The most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy and it’s all that matters” - Audrey Hepburn

Women are often expected to be perfect in every endeavour they undertake and this can often come as a personal challenge. This could be due to the growing demands in the workplace, fighting against gender norms and being able to prove to society that you could do both (work and home) efficiently. In reality, what they often experience is burnout and extreme isolation. This in turn leads to worry, anxiety, helplessness and uncertainty which can affect your sleep. We at gudsleepz are motivated to find a method that would work for you and especially for women like you who need your sleep to shine through the day.

Sleeplessness is often a cause of an underlying problem or thoughts that are unmanageable to handle on your own. I see many women often coming to me with sleep issues due to a conflict at work, approaching deadlines or the lack of understanding from their partner. In addition, the guilt of not being able to spend enough time with your children can just add onto the pressure and buildup. This is why we are here to curate a session that could help you achieve your blissful sleep without having to compromise on your responsibilities. 

Strategies and Techniques for Sleep for Working Women: 

  • * Perceived Guilt and Creating Healthy Expectations: Let’s just be honest with ourselves, shall we? Women often are weighed down by unfulfilled expectations and the guilt of not being able to be a ‘superwoman’. This would also mean, not asking for help and wanting to do it all. First step is to be clear on your goal as a person. For someone who is working, it’s important to draw boundaries at home on prioritising tasks and letting the other slide or delegate. For someone who believes home is a priority, being okay with leaving work on time or delegating tasks which are unrelated to you is necessary. 

  • * Pleasures are Important: As much as you love being a superwoman, you are going to burn out if you fail to take breaks and give yourself momentary pleasure. Be sure to understand that, pleasures help you rest and get back in life at a much more effective pace than someone who works all the time.

  • * Ask for Help: Do not undermine the power of support and love as that would help you go ahead in life for a longer period of time. Sometimes having people and knowing that you have support can help you much better than wanting to do it all by yourself.

  • * Always Sleep Like a Queen: When you stop compromising on your comfort especially with your sleep, it would do wonders to your health. When you feel better, you actually are much more effective in handling day to day problems. Get a comfortable bed, pillow and bedsheets to be able to get that queen-like sleep you deserve. 

  • * Perfectionism shouldn’t be an Obsession: I understand that you prefer having your house clean and tidy, kids' homework being monitored and having your appraisals be extremely good at work. Let me tell you, no one can balance that by perfecting every tiny thing about your life. Give levy for mistakes and be compassionate towards yourself. 

  • Having a great work-life balance can be difficult but highly achievable. Be sure to book a session at gudsleepz today for a blissful sleep at night. 

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