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Sleepless Elite: Can You Become a Short Sleeper?

Author: Gud Sleepz Team

Sleepless Elite: Can You Become a Short Sleeper?

Sleepless Elite: Can You Become a Short Sleeper?

In an open society no idea can be above scrutiny, just as no people should be beneath dignity” - Maajid Nawaz

Most of us enjoy sleeping for long hours during the weekend or sleeping in until late hours during the day. But there are a few elite populations, who actually do not need longer hours of sleep. They are ‘genetically short sleepers’ who can function well with just less than 5 hours of sleep. They also do not suffer the effects of sleep deprivation or face any long-term cognitive decline. They comprise about 3% of the world’s population. While it may sound interesting or even tempting for many who intend to sleep less and get more work done, this is not for everyone.

There are a few programs available which claim to shorten your sleep and to increase your productivity. But let me tell you through the data, the 3% of the short-sleepers are very few in reality and you can never create a genetic make-up or replicate them. Therefore, what these programs are actually doing is promoting sleep-deprivation under fancy taglines. The result is, cognitive deficit, performance suffers and overall delay in executive functions. Is this what we want?

Why Is Short-Sleep Sought?

In today’s world, the competition and chase has increased dramatically and everyone is ‘hustling’ at a rate that the human body cannot function. It’s either skipping meals or skipping sleep. We have become machines and we continue to aspire to work like machines. The natural rhythm of the body has changed but it wouldn’t prolong longer due to the build-up of ill-effects piling in our body. 

Is There An Alternative To Short-Sleep?

The short answer is Yes

  • More sleep, More work done: I’m not sure if you want to believe me but studies have shown that, people who have had a good sleep and a good meal can actually focus on for hours and get a lot of work done in a short amount of time. While they compared with people who were awake for hours, they spent a lot of time on a task and made more mistakes which eventually delayed their work. 

  • Majority isn’t ‘Gifted Short-Sleepers’: This is good news because even if you envy those who function with shorter sleep. This isn’t true for the majority. This would also mean, many great entrepreneurs and achievers actually slept well. This also explains why you should sleep to get to your full potential.

  • Life is all about Problem-Solving: The studies have shown that sleep is crucial for making everyday decisions and the skill of problem solving would suffer in individuals with sleep deprivation. And you know, on a daily basis how many decisions we need to make at work and if there is any wrong decision, it can change the course of our actions. Sometimes the actions are also costly. 

  • Why worry when you achieve even with sleep: Let me tell you, staying up and not sleeping isn’t cool because once the output comes, you would be surprised at your performance. Studies indicate that performance suffers tremendously when one is sleep deprived. So, just get some sleep for better performance. 

  • Hope this article clears a lot of your doubts regarding short-sleepers and the reasons why it’s not for everyone. 

    Happy Sleeping!


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