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Sleep Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Author: Gud Sleepz Team

Sleep Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Sleep Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

“What is Success? It is being able to go to bed each night with your soul at peace” - Paulo Coelho

Many of us run a rat race believing success is right around the corner but never realise there would always be something more worthwhile as you move up the ladder of success. In the midst of the competitive chase, we forget about ourselves, our health and suffer a huge loss of time which is too costly for you at that time in your corporate ladder. This is why successful entrepreneurs knew that success isn’t a sprint rather a marathon for which they worked on themselves everyday as much as they did in their business. 

Let’s hear some of the successful habits from very successful entrepreneurs on what they did to get to the place where they are right now. On the lines of success stories of entrepreneurs, I would like to discuss a major controversy on billionaire sleeping habits i.e., does sleeping less make you rich? 

Does Sleeping Less Make You Rich? 

People wanted to investigate the effects of people who sacrifice sleep especially in their ‘grinding phase’ where they get through the day by ‘excessive coffee’ as stimulants. But Dr. Andrew Names, Medical director of Wake forest sleep program said, may be in the short-term, the loss of sleep may render results but never in a long-term. Because most often, sleep deprivation leads to more errors, leads to poor memory, stunting their creativity and making problem-solving a lot harder. This would only act as an antagonist for their career success. 

What Makes Someone Rich?

The short answer is, strategic skills, work-ethic and their efficacy. In order to cultivate skills to boost performance, the basic building blocks lie in getting enough sleep at night. Because if you sleep well, you can get more work done in less time. Even a report found that millionaires sleep more compared to those whose income is lower. So, why would you hurt your chances of success and wealth? 

Sleep Habits that Successful Entrepreneurs Vouch on:

  • Work-life balance: Let me give it to you at face value, ‘most people learn the hard way that sleep makes them successful’. People who once hustled sacrificing their sleep, later confessed that they would have been better off if they had a good work-life balance. The CEO of Zerodha can vouch for this statement. He understood after his stroke episode that he sacrificed sleep to later pay the price which wasn’t worth it. 

  • Practice to Relax and Meditate: While most often as business executives and entrepreneurs, there could be a number of factors that might affect them. This can create a lot of stress and it is difficult to switch off your mind even when you get back home or turn to doze off. Meditation is a great alternative for people who are in a highly stressful environment and businesses. 


  • Responsible Hustling: What do we mean by that? Hustling is great if that’s what you want but not at the expense of your health and wealth. A great way to balance is by setting out time for hustling and getting back to your priorities when work is done. It’s important to draw boundaries to attain success. 

  • Sleep Masks: I’m not sure about catching feelings but successful entrepreneurs catch flights more often than you think. And they vouch for sleep masks as it tends to make their journey restful and they feel more energetic when they land. 

  • Work-out after Work: If you haven’t tried this before, you should try now. Because most often after work, all we want to do is crash but working out would release endorphins and it would give energy optimum for improving mood and well-being. You would also sleep like a baby at night. This isn’t my advice but from the CEO of Konnect Agency. 


    I hope you understand that sleep is your secret to success and put on that suit in the morning feeling energetic and uplifted. We need more entrepreneurs like that. 


    Happy Sleeping! Happy Working!

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