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Relationship Stress and Sleep Disorders: A Couple’s Journey to Good Sleep

Author: Gud Sleepz Team

Relationship Stress and Sleep Disorders: A Couple’s Journey to Good Sleep

Relationship Stress and Sleep Disorders: A Couple’s Journey to Good Sleep

“Life is a balance of holding on and letting go”

Do you know, if you are in love you might lose sleep temporarily but if you are actually loved and supported, you would sleep like a baby? Research shows that people who are in a positive relationship tend to sleep better, have less illnesses and live a long healthy life. So, a happy wife/husband is actually a happy life. But what happens to your sleep when you experience relationship stress? Time spent in family discussions or parent-child conflicts, arguments or discussing day’s events can actually seem to delay the start on your sleep i.e., sleep onset. 

At gudsleepz, we are continuously trying to improve our research and to curate an approach that would help everyone. In a survey we conducted over a large number of audiences from India, we found that relationship stress is the primary reason stated for lack of sleep. In a similar study, a couple's attitude towards the partner was studied among 78 married couples and the results were consistent with causing sleep issues. If relationships are the biggest contributor to stress and sleep issues, there should be something that could help manage them. Right? 

Yes. At Gudsleepz, we are motivated to provide exactly the approach that would address the core stressor through a series of cognitive and acceptance based therapeutic approaches. 

Strategies to Create A Couple’s Sleep Routine

  • Find an Activity Before Sleep To Build Intimacy: Couple’s intimacy building activities are seen to be a greatest predictor for improving relationships issues. Why is this such a big deal? This is because doing activities together requires more understanding of the other person, seeing a side of them which we normally wouldn’t see when we argue and this also becomes a part of a couple's routine creating a dependence that is more healthy. 

  • Intimacy before Sleep: In addition to the routine, having a physical intimacy before bedtime can increase happy hormones, lessen stress and induce sleep. Always set time aside for intimate moments to have a healthy and happy relationship. 

  • Arguments for the Day: Always imagine how it may feel when you are being blamed or irritated by the end of the day. It is really frustrating to deal with emotionally heavy arguments when your energy is depleted right? Always have the conversation during the early evenings or during the weekends. Do not start and end your day with arguments to sleep better. 

  • Find New Avenues to Make Each Other Day: This means that when you try to take efforts in relationship building, it causes a ripple effect in relationships. For example: Going an extra mile to make one happy, taking each other's side or sitting alongside them when they are down. Most importantly, appreciate each other. 

  • Toxicity Won’t Help: If you are someone who is in a toxic relationship, then it can get extremely stressful for everyone involved. This would lead to sleeplessness and even insomnia in extreme cases. Find a sleep coach and help deal with the relationship issues as soon as possible. 

  • Have a great relationship and sleep better. Do book a demo session at gudsleepz.

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