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Losing Sleep Over Your Relationship: Managing Relationship Stress For Men

Author: Gud Sleepz Team

Losing Sleep Over Your Relationship: Managing Relationship Stress For Men

Losing Sleep Over Your Relationship: Managing Relationship Stress For Men

Next to love, balance is the most important thing” - John Wooden

Approximately 70% of the marriages in 2024 ended in divorce with relationship issues peaking over the years. Despite the amenities available for meeting like-minded people, partners experience stress and uncertainty in relationships more often than expected. Men on the other hand, deal with stress in a more non-adaptive manner either by shutting themselves or suppressing their emotions. These can translate into health problems such as sleeplessness, chronic conditions and stress. What most men are unable to identify is the balance in managing relationship conflicts?

Due to the constant stress and the difficulty to manage stress, a common issue faced by men when stressed is sleeplessness. This could be due to the traditional masculine roles imposed on men and the tendency to rely on oneself alone. Due to these reasons, they often feel isolated and in lack of opportunities to manage their stress. This can be alleviated by sleep and anxiety management techniques strategies. We will be looking into it in detail. 

Men and Mental Health: 

Understanding emotions isn't a weakness: Most often men experience guilt and inability to own their emotions due to the imposed societal standards in emoting feelings for men. This belief that it's okay to suffer from stress or having the inability to manage them is human. 

  • Speak up and Seek Support: When you want to open up and talk, it’s going to help you feel better even if that conversation doesn’t lead to a solution. Seeking support either from a loved one or from a professional is a sign of strength.

  • Not Discarding Your Joy: I know many men enjoy spending time playing a game with friends, having a video game session or watching a movie with their loved one. Do not suppress your joy for compromising for the people in your life. You can compromise but not at the expense of giving up your joy altogether. 

  • Journaling: You may ask, what would happen if I write about my problems in a paper? Let me tell you, when something that looks huge and messy in our head takes some form, it brings clarity and relief. It’s scientifically proven to be the most effective way to manage unhelpful thoughts. 


    Sleep Techniques for Men Experiencing Anxiety: 

  • Finding your turn-off switch: The major issue experienced with the lack of ability to sleep is ‘finding the turn-off switch’. Often thoughts of worry circulate all through the night and can be extremely overwhelming for most people. You can find ways that actually help you turn-off, for example: journaling, solving puzzles or talking to someone. Whatever works for you.

  • Avoid In-toxication: It might be a quick-fix for your sleep issues and for the anxiety you are experiencing. But, in-toxication in any form like alcohol or smoking would only increase your stress levels and decrease your overall quality of sleep. 

  • Military Technique to Sleep: Military technique to sleep is a combination of mindfulness and relaxation techniques proven to be effective. You need to follow the steps: 1. Deep breathing, 2. Relaxing your muscles on your face, 3. Drop your shoulders and arm, 4. Slowly move downward and relax every muscle progressively and 5. Visualise a calming scenery while doing the relaxation. 

  • I hope as men you come forward and seek help as well. I believe that these techniques would be useful for everyone struggling with anxiety and sleeplessness. For more support, book our demo session today.

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