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Is Your Relationship Causing You To Lose Sleep?

Author: Gud Sleepz Team

Is Your Relationship Causing You To Lose Sleep?

Is Your Relationship Causing You To Lose Sleep?

“Fall in love with somebody who will never let you go to sleep wondering if you still matter” - Unknown

Do you know relationships are the major contributing causes for stress and sleeplessness? This is not just true for people who are dating but also for married couples who have been together for more years. Every couple who walks into the consultation room expresses one thing which all of us can agree to. That is, ‘he/she doesn’t understand me’. Due to the lack of understanding, the couple argue and stay in desperation. This leads to a lot of thoughts and stress especially when you are trying to sleep at night. And understanding why sleep is the first one to be affected and ways to manage relationship issues to sleep better would be our today’s discussion.

Imagine a situation where you feel extremely calm and without any burden or pressure weighing on you. Do you think such a situation would help you sleep better? I believe so. We would be trying to help couples build that kind of a relationship through means of communication, exchanges, psychological techniques and conflict-management strategies. In addition, I believe it’s absolutely necessary to develop some sleep techniques for couples to be able to create a sleep health routine based on your personalised characteristics. 

Relationship Inhibiting Behaviours

As a Psychologist and Sleep Coach, I see couple’s facing issues which majorly fall into few themes that are common to any relationship. They all make the same mistakes, fall into the same trap and emerge with similar problems. So, here we would discuss major setbacks that put off your relationships. 

Falling into the control trap: When I say control, it means that you allow people to control you. Most often a couple's issues stem from people outside of the relationship, could be in-laws or friends. The intent behind such forms of sarcastic comments from in-laws or sly comments is to hurt you and make you feel angry at your partner. And what happens, just what they expected happens. It’s important to remember that your emotions are in your control and not letting anyone be able to manipulate you. 

  • Avoiding Communication: The extent to which we understand the power of good communication and not knowing how to actually communicate. This is another trap people fall into when things go difficult in their relationship. When you communicate something important, you need to know that having the right mind is extremely important. You wouldn’t be talking about something important when you leave for work or when you are tired isn’t it?

  • How you communicate: Another skill necessary to communicate is the ways in which you communicate. The power of communication lies in understanding the human mind, weaknesses and the necessary conditions for getting the best results from the communication. You often end up playing games, blame or use harsh words which would only further trigger avoidance in the other partner.

  • Psychological Techniques for Relationship Stress and Sleeplessness: 

  • Setting Time for Resolution: Primary criteria for any good relationship is the ability to understand the pulse of each person. One person may like to resolve right away while the other may need time to process. Set a time that would work for both parties and make sure none of you feel stressed or tired during the time. Expecting a time to resolve would in itself lessen the burden and help you sleep at night. 

  • Detach Disagreements and Relationships: I understand that, sometimes the issue could be intense. But the thing you hate isn’t the person who married or fell in love with, rather it’s their behaviour which you hate. Often it could be a few behaviours but that doesn’t mean you show the hate to the person as a whole. 

  • Have a couple’s sleep routine: To improve engagement and build better relationships, it’s important to have a couple's routine rather than an individual one. This way, both couples can encourage each other and both of you would also sleep better. It can be like watching a series together or talking about your day or just doing individual things but staying together. This builds intimacy and sleep. 

  • Hope this article clarified some of the relationship issues and provided you with appropriate techniques for survival. Be sure to follow us on gudsleepz


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