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Is Your Memory Compromised Due to Lack of Sleep?

Author: Gud Sleepz Team

Is Your Memory Compromised Due to Lack of Sleep?

Is Your Memory Compromised Due to Lack of Sleep?

Health is not valued till sickness comes” - Thomas Fuller

Haven’t we all skipped sleep the day before the exam and tried to cram everything overnight? We also have had difficulty sleeping before an important interview or presentation. But have we ever taken a moment to assess our performance the next day? If you have been doing these for your preparation strategies, you have relied just on your short-term memory which are fleeting and brief. Your sleep can actually make you smart, help you achieve your goals and also, improve your overall memory. If I knew about this, I wouldn’t have wasted my nights cramming during my college, rather would have slept and gotten more marks. So, here I am letting out a wise person’s wisdom, Hear! Hear!

Sleep researchers have studied the brain so well that we know what happens in your brain when you sleep and why it happens. The sleep cycle has 4 stages with 3 stages of NREM and a REM stage sleep. During the NREM, most of the information assimilated during the day is consolidated and the process of filtering out unwanted information is done. While this is a very vital process as the brain organises information and prepares the brain for the next day. While on your REM sleep, your brain processes information related to emotional memories. This means, if you have an important decision to make or have had any emotionally wrecking experience, REM consolidates and processes such difficult experiences. It also communicates with senses to relay messages to the brain for storage. 

Unfortunately, we have been told that or believed to hustle at the cost of sleep. Those are not scientifically proven information. Because the more your hustle with lack of sleep, your body slowly withers in terms of performance, restoration and health. This leads to burnout, chronic health issues like diabetes, heart attack and stroke etc. Let’s go over the benefits of sleep on your memory. 



  • * Processing Difficult Memories: Let’s be honest, we all want to feel better after we wake up from our sleep. We also wish our day’s problem sorts itself as we sleep, it is! The good news is, your memories consolidate to give yourself a better picture of your problem which also builds a narration, a direction and most importantly, ability to solve problems effectively. A tip, you will also feel better, trust me! (Your boss’s scolding incident would vanish out in the air)

  • * Make Room for New Information: Sometimes as a young child you wondered if your brain would explode listening to so much information during the day or as an adult when you have so much to do. Fortunately, your brain doesn’t explode with overload when you regularly have a good night’s sleep. I’m not sure if you have watched ‘Inside out’, your brain prepares for the next day, organises information and displaces unwanted information. So, the next day you are fresh to learn more new information. Isn’t that amazing? 

  • * Self Cleaning Technology:  I just find it amusing to use this term ‘comes with self-cleaning technology’. Sleep works the same way. It’s like the cat which cleans itself and doesn’t need anyone’s help. This is the most amazing way, the brain disposes waste, debris and does protein synthesis and repairs itself. This would happen when you sleep or imagine carrying literal garbage on your brain?

  • * Improves your Judgments: As a professional, we have so many decisions to make on a daily basis. What to eat, how to solve this issue, navigating through client calls etc. At the moment, we are forced to make difficult decisions. This would be easy, if you had consolidated all the available information overnight in your sleep. So, go to bed to be a great leader or to become one. 

  • * Performance and Memory: Another good news is, you can improve your performance at work if you have great memory skills, quick decision making and quicker processing. The connections built overnight are going to strengthen each day and eventually improve your performance. So, put on the pyjamas at night so you could be happy to wear your suit in the morning.

  • Hope this is useful for all the professionals out there to seize your day for many great successes and opportunities.  For more, follow us on gudsleepz. 

    Happy Sleeping! 

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