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How to Sleep In Hot Weather?

Author: Gud Sleepz Team

How to Sleep In Hot Weather?

How to Sleep In Hot Weather?

With the Changing Seasons comes New Beginnings” - Anonymous

The temperature soars above 40 degree celsius this summer and people have been confined to their air conditioners. The climate change has lead to water crisis, increased temperatures, lack of rainfall and air pollution. It is a nightmare for humans to survive due to the back to back epidemic that arises which each new year.  With rising temperatures, sleep has become a tedious task. Recently in India, the temperature at night soared to above 30 degree celsius. This can be a highly unlikely condition for your body to adjust and to get a good night’s sleep. Because as we understand, we need a ideal low temperature for your body to sleep at night. Due to these weather conditions, it can lead to sleeplessness and increased awakenings during night leading to poor functioning and fatigue during the day. 

We understand that, sleep would be almost impossible in such a weather but what happens at a physiological level and is there any harmful effects of sleeping in such extreme weather conditions. Let’s dive a little deeper into the science of weather and sleep. 

The ideal room temperature to sleep has been told to be between 18 and 20 degree celsius. While this could be hard to achieve without an air conditioner in hotter climates. This ideal temperature is necessary for you to turn on ‘the internal thermostat’ which in turn sends signals to your brain to initiate sleep, i.e., signals for melatonin release. So, our body’s circadian rhythm is not just regulated by light but also through the body temperature. Research indicates that sleeping in very hot temperatures, not just leads to poor sleep and increased awakenings during night. It also leads to decreased deep sleep and REM sleep stages which are utmost essential for a good quality sleep.   

Due to the negative effects of sleeping in hot weathers, we have put together a number of things you can do to get a night’s sleep in this hot summer. 

Keep your body temperature low through hydration

I know, time and again only thing every person might repeat during summer is ‘keeping yourself hydrated. But just let me rephrase that for you, the temperature outside is increasing, shouldn’t you atleast allow yourself to experience a bit of air conditioning inside? You can consume cucumbers and mint juices, watermelon and some coconut water. It is not necessary to consume coconut water everyday if that’s expensive, there is always seasonal fruits such as watermelon and cucumbers or buttermilk. You can add few mint leaves to it, so it can be refreshing. Another key ingredient is, ORS or glucose. This can help restore the lost electrolytes due to sweat and also provide energy in hot humid weathers. If you tend to sweat excessively, you can consume ORS few days a week. 

Use of air coolers if AC is not available

Sometimes ACs can be not possible if you are living alone or on a budget. Air coolers can be a possible alternative or table fans. You can try an old-age method of keeping a basin of cold water filled with ice near the fan which works in the form of evaporation just like the air coolers. 

Use of Blinds and Bamboo Blinders 

The more you restrict the sunlight entering your room, the more better for your room to maintain the ideal temperature. Make use of bamboo blinders and blinder curtains during the day to avoid sunlight entering your room. And during the early morning and evening hours, you can let some breeze in when the weather is fine. 

Ayurvedic Remedy

Another way to cool down your body is by rubbing some castor oil externally on the crown of your head, inside your navel, middle of the chest, middle of the neck or behind the ears. This oil specifically has cooling properties which will cool down your system within a few minutes. Especially applying few drops in your belly button would instantly get absorbed into your body. 

Monitor your activity level and clothing

Other factors include avoiding physical activity closer to night as any physical activity said to increase body temperature. Try to restrict physical activity during the early hours in the morning. Also, use of linen or cotton clothing which are not tight would also aid in more ventilation. Avoid wearing darker colors as heat gets absorbed in shades of black or darker blue. Wear easy breathable clothing while sleeping. 


Hopefully, these remedies help you sleep better in this hot humid weather. You can also write down your remedies in the comments section so that, other people can benefit from it. 


Please Book a Session with sleep coach to know more about your sleep.

Hydrate! Refresh! Good night! 


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