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How to Maintain a Regular Sleep Schedule for IT professionals?

Author: Gud Sleepz Team

How to Maintain a Regular Sleep Schedule for IT professionals?

How to Maintain a Regular Sleep Schedule for IT professionals?

“Your habits will determine your future” - Jack Canfield

The global advancement of information technology (IT) has enabled people to work without time boundaries. Recent research shows that 29% of the IT professionals find the job extremely stressful. 71% are getting less than 2 hours of downtime for personal time and they sleep less than 6 hours a day. In addition to the lack of work-life balance and increased stress at work, they also develop chronic physical and mental health conditions due to long working hours, sitting all day at a desk and having too much screen time. 

A study conducted in Finland by Kivisto 2008 found that Finnish IT workers tend to have more sleep debt and insomnia due to long working hours and other work-related factors. Therefore, it's important to address a pervasive issue of overworking and under-sleeping in IT professionals. 

9-5 Well-being for Professionals 

Most of us at this point of the century understand the importance of health, sleep, relationship and well-being. But we also understand the economical competition that exists to get a job, promotion, success and wealth. These two constructs unfortunately are not coexisting together currently. But we can find the balance to achieve success and love if you know how to ace your game. Let’s get into that, shall we? 

1% Rule by James Clear

‘Atomic habits’ by James Clear took the world by its bestselling number due to the careful use of psychological tactics for acing the game of success. But, the concept of 1% rule stood out for me. This is because, we always imagine success at large scale, bigger picture and bigger change. The key about this rule isn’t a bigger change rather a compounding of smaller changes. The British cyclists who have gone from nothing to Olympics gold medalist happened because of the smaller changes. 

  • Make changes in your surroundings at 1%, get a good mattress, pillow and make sure the room is well-made so when you come back, you will feel like resting. 

  • Improve your physical fitness by 1%, take the stairs, go for a walk. 

  • Improve diet by 1%, add the nutrition you are lacking maybe once a day. 

  • Improve your work desk and table, get the one with good ergonomics. 

  • Get out once a day and make 1% change in the way you work. 

Why would this change your game to sleep better?

Because research shows that, most of us are able to see changes when they change the way they work on it. This is the same philosophy behind 1% rule that when you start creating smaller changes, you work towards the problem in itself differently. 

Tips for IT professionals to Maintain a Regular Sleep Schedule:

  • Develop Emotional Intelligence: This basically means to handle, understand and use your emotions strategically in a way that would benefit you. How can you do that? Reflect on your emotions everyday, make a note of it and act on expressing emotions in a healthy manner. 

  • Journaling would help to reflect and understand your mental state and to improve emotional intelligence. 

  • Expressing to your loved one is another great way to express and ask for support in this way you also understand their emotions effectively thereby increasing your emotional intelligence. 

  • Make 1% changes to your current routine: You may have been sleeping late by 2 am everyday and it isn’t ideal to come down to 10 pm just like that. Understand changes are happening at micro level even in your brain, so go by science to see changes. 

  • Sleep environment can be changed through use of a sleep mask, good mattress, pillow and clean sheets. This can be washed and changed once a week. 

  • Be sure to reduce time gradually which is important. Reduce it bi-weekly for effective change. For eg. Week 1 sleep at 1 am instead of 2 and week 3 sleep at 12 am instead of 1 am and so on.

  • Desk behaviour needs change: How you handle your habits at your work desk in your office would determine your overall health. Most of us are in an unstimulated, untidy and sedentary environment. This needs to be changed for you to feel energetic so you do not reach home feeling emotionally drained. 

  • Move around during the day in-between tasks or every hour. This would provide movement, physical space and clear your mind. 

  • Tidy your table and keep it motivating as most of us live in a dull environment which is unrewarding and draining. Keep some photographs or motivational quotes or paste your vision board. Remember also to add color. 

  • Hope this article helps you to set your life stress free and to have a healthy sleep routine. Sleep well and stay healthy. 

    Good night! 

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