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How to Curate a Perfect Bedroom for a Better Sleep

Author: Gud Sleepz Team

How to Curate a Perfect Bedroom for a Better Sleep

How to Curate a Perfect Bedroom for a Better Sleep

Your future depends on your dreams, so go to sleep” - Mesut Barazany

Curating a perfect bedroom isn’t a costly approach rather it’s a careful consideration of adding the minimal necessities for a blissful sleep. You may have wondered if a perfect bedroom would be able to take care of your sleep needs when you’ve been struggling for years to perfect each aspect of your sleep routine. I completely understand the frustration behind sleep issues and curating a bedroom wouldn’t solve the problem but it leads you to a path that would solve the problem. Let me tell you a real story from a famous book named ‘atomic habits’. 

I believe you are familiar with the famous self-development book by James Clear, ‘Atomic Habits’. If not, do check it out. The story of self-improvement starts with the author talking about ‘British cyclists’ who used the technique of 'aggregation of marginal gains'. The theory of ‘aggregation of marginal gains’ states that, if you start improving 1% in every small detail of your life, you would have a overall aggregate gain. How did this coach of British cyclist team do it? 

He started by redesigning bike seats for comfortable ride for long periods, then rubbed alcohol on the tires for better grip and encourages riders to wear electrically heated shorts to maintain ideal body temperature. In this way, he changed every minor details and eventually what happened? The British team who have never won before started winning every consecutive games and in the 2008 Olympic games got 60% of the gold medals. They remained on the top for the next 6 years. This is the power of changing at systems level at 1% at every domain of our life in order to win in our goals.

Now, let’s use the same principle to curate a perfect bedroom so that, you could reach your sleep goals. It all starts with the same principle of ‘1% gains’. 


Transform your Sleep Environment 

An ideal sleep environment should be free of noise, light and unnecessary smell. It should also have an ideal temperature for your body to sleep well. As we have already understood if you have been following our blogs, circadian rhythms is the basic norm to get your sleep needs right. And light and temperature are two ways in which your sleep regulates. What can you do to achieve an ideal sleep environment? 

  • * Invest in a Blackout Curtain: We live in a busy world and we know most cities never sleep. It’s important to block out these lights to be able to sleep in peace. And for people working in night shifts, it might also work as an artificial night-like environment. 

  • * Get the light off your eyes: Sometimes despite having blackout curtains, there might be light present in your environment. For eg. toddler using a phone or a partner having the night lamp on for reading or just the AC light. This can be disturbing for your sleep. Get an eye mask to block those lights. This can also come handy when you are travelling. 

  • * Block the Noises: Most often blocking noises would be a hassle as noisy neighbours and unpleasant traffic noises are unavoidable. But you can tune your brain to partially listen to relaxing sleep white noise. The effect of sound and sleep has already been discussed in our blog. It helps you to turn off your mind and get the blissful sleep. So invest in a white noise machine to get that sound sleep. You can also have a set of earplugs by your bedside if you are bombarded with noise that’s unbearable. 

  • * Add a relaxing aroma to your bedroom: Some fragrance can be strong like the use of room freshener and that can affect your sleep. But research has shown that, adding lavender aroma in your routine can significantly calm your mind as it has effects on the central nervous system and give you a stress-free sleep. You can read about the surprising effects of lavender oil in our blog and also purchase a lavender aroma to add to your bedroom.

  • * Clean Bedsheets: Having a clean bedsheets and neatly made bed can be inviting than a messy bed. So, remember the 1% rule, make the bed well after you wake up and wash your sheets atleast once a week for a good blissful sleep. 

  • * Bedroom is for Sleep: Repeat after me, ‘bedroom is for sleep and intimacy’ and nothing else. With the advent of work from home, we have started to eat, work, study and watch movies from our bed and that really messes up your brain. You don’t want to associate your bed with anything else other than sleep. So, do everything else outside your bedroom.

  • Hope this blog helps you to curate your own sleep sanctuary. Happy Sleeping!

    Please Book a Session with sleep coach to know more about your sleep.

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