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How Many Hours Do Successful Entrepreneurs Sleep?

Author: Gud Sleepz Team

How Many Hours Do Successful Entrepreneurs Sleep?

How Many Hours Do Successful Entrepreneurs Sleep?

I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I’m awake, you know” - Ernest Hemingway

We have entrepreneurs, business executives and employers asking us the pressing question about sleep. How much sleep should we be getting? Even though we know the answer to the question, many of us are reluctant to accept it. Why? Because they believe that sleep is just a stumbling block to their success. So, the more hours we say, the more hate we receive. This is why we are going to make the billionaires and CEOs answer that question for you. 

While some billionaires learn it the hard way about chasing their goal in life in the right way. Some of them are inherently smart and disciplined where they treat their body with respect. Those are the ones who would last longer and reap their benefits. Short-term success isn’t for dreamers and achievers. It’s always the one who is prepared for a marathon, wins in life. 

Successful Entrepreneurs Words of Wisdom: 

  • Mark Zuckerberg: (CEO of Facebook) wakes up at 8 am or later if he slept late. You know, that you actually don’t have to be a morning person or force yourself to sacrifice sleep for creating a successful business. Because imagine you look and feel awful but have a great business, what’s the point? According to research, your quality of work would suffer if you end up not sleeping enough. 

  • Jeff Bezos: (CEO of Amazon) is a strong proponent of 8-hour circadian rhythm. He also has a healthy breakfast with his wife and kids before he starts his day. He avoids early morning meetings and has a good sleep schedule. He says that keeps him going throughout the day. This is what we call, ‘Responsible Hustling’ (do not google this because it’s a term that I would like to call) 

  • Bill Gates: (CEO of Microsoft) is also a great proponent of 7-hours of sleep as he believes that he can achieve what he wants with a good amount of sleep. While you may argue that, there are others who sleep less and still become successful. Let me just ask you this, why would you sleep less, when you can get successful with a good sleep?


    Who are the Winners?

    Those who understand the importance of sleep know that, the more you hustle at the cost of sleep, the more you end up being at a disadvantage in life and in your career. I have seen people prioritising the right things in life early on, are more healthy at their 40s and are able to achieve their dreams until late. We are onto living a fulfilling life and if you intend to win in life, learn the mantra. 

    “The winners are the ones who know that life is more than just getting wealth and success, it is about having the health and energy to reap them”

    Happy Sleeping!

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