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Bursting your Sleep Bubble: Perspectives and Approach

Author: Gud Sleepz Team

Bursting your Sleep Bubble: Perspectives and Approach

Bursting your Sleep Bubble: Perspectives and Approach

I like situations that force me to rethink things” - Marc Almond

In Psychology, we give prime importance to the way we perceive situations because it decides how the person is tend to behave. When we were small, we were taught certain things which supposedly stayed with us and we tend to believe that it’s the right way because it’s familiar to us. Familiarity breeds likeness and likeness increases the chances of us repeating the same behaviors. 

In the same way, the approach we undertake towards sleep also decides the measures we take for oneself. Sometimes, trying the known and common methods can end up not working out for us. That can lead to frustration, helplessness and disappointment. This is where we need to always find a zone, where we have to be open to re-evaluating what is known to us and re-establishing new ways of thinking about sleep. Are you ready to burst your bubble? 

Journey vs Destination

We all have been called to perceive sleep as a means to an end. We sleep because we are asked to and that’s something we’ve done all our life. So, we get to bed so we can get pumped up for the next day. We calculate the number of hours and set an alarm and treat sleep as a slave. The result is, disturbed sleep and compromised health. It’s important to treat sleep as a journey where sometimes you would need an extra 2 hours and sometimes you would just sleep for 3 hours. You need to not force yourself to get that specified number of hours but rather be mindful and journey alongside your sleep. That way, you are reducing your anxiety and being a lot more compassionate.

Paradox of Forcing Sleep 

As we saw, the importance of being mindful of our sleep journey. The irony of sleep is that the more you try to force it, the more elusive it becomes. This effort can create a cycle of stress and frustration that actively hinders your ability to fall asleep. Instead of focusing on forcing sleep, consider practices that foster relaxation and let sleep come naturally. This might involve mindfulness techniques, deep breathing exercises, or a soothing bedtime routine that signals your body it's time to wind down.

Incremental Success 

Finally, we need to celebrate the incremental success when it comes to sleep. You may have tried all means and still not getting anywhere in your 8 hour sleep goals. That’s okay. It’s the smallest improvements that matters. Starting slowly and making incremental changes to your sleep habits and environment can be more effective. This gradual approach allows your body and mind to adjust without the pressure of immediate results. It’s about creating a sustainable path to better sleep, one step at a time.

On a closing note, remember to document your journey and compare your progress with yourself. There might be a lot of information available to you and they are not necessarily to be taken at face value. It’s important to finding the right approach that is working for you.

Have a good night!

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