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Benefits of Sleep Masks: Science and Sleep

Author: Gud Sleepz Team

Benefits of Sleep Masks: Science and Sleep

Benefits of Sleep Masks: Science and Sleep

“A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures of anything” - Irish Proverb

Do you know, as much as we need light in our life, we also need the darkness? I mean it. Circadian rhythms are your best friend when it comes to sleep and you mess with them, they can really frustrate you. Circadian rhythm uses the presence or absence of light as a cue to regulate your bodily functions like temperature, sleep, wakefulness, digestion and many other important activities. But sometimes living in a modern busy world, they say city never sleeps. It’s very frustrating sometimes for people living with others like roommates or have someone who stays up all night. There can be a lot of light even your digital light being really disrupting for your sleep health. This is also true when you are travelling, you can’t control the amount of light hitting you. 

This is where it’s important to make use of eye masks. Eye masks are the cheapest and most effective way to block these lights hitting on you. In addition, eye masks also help you get a break from light as your eyes need rest as much as rest of your body does. We are usually been over exposed so many different kinds of light whether we are at home or when we travel. It’s like, your eyes could never catch a break, this is where having a handy eye mask would do the trick. Let’s go over the benefits of eye masks. 

Circadian Clock - Sleep ‘on-switch’

As mentioned earlier, circadian rhythms serves to be a sleep regulating clock by assessing the amount of light we are exposed to during that point of time. Blocking light during the night would also send signals to your brain to aid in melatonin production leading to sleepiness. Failure to do that would lead poor quality of sleep. 

Cue and Support

If you are someone who has been struggling to sleep, you would know

even if you intend to close your eyes, it’s just not possible. Having something over your eyes would help to prevent the need to open your eyes and help cue your brain to believe that you actually intend to sleep. This would be a good support. 


You might have seen people keeping their eyes occupied almost throughout the day. And offering some shut eye for even a small period is seen to be helpful eye health and also address the eye fatigue. 

Beauty Sleep 

You may have come across many beauty influencers flaunting their eye masks before sleep as it claims to help you sleep better. This can also lead to a better skin the next day. Good sleep, good skin. You can also buy the satin sleep masks which is much gentle on the skin and also adds a aesthetic look. 

Travel buddy 

The most difficult part of travelling is getting a good amount of shut eye as there is immense amount of disruption in your environment which aren’t ideal for your sleep. You can block the sound using a noise cancelling headphones or earbuds but what about the light stimulation. This is where the eye mask come handy. It also adds a fashion statement and helps you to reach your destination without looking like a zombie. 


The eye mask is an absolute add on to your sleep routine Sleep Mask and remember to buy this from our website


Take care! Good night!

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